5. Finland

Learning about other countries and using the English language for a real purpose: Challenging our classmates creating our own Quizizz

Steps 1: We take advantage of our last visit to Finland to tell them about this country and setting the theme area. Finland(2) from Rebeca V

Step 2: We use a short quiz to test what they learnt and give them some ideas to create their own questions. Around the world finland from Rebeca Vhttps://www.slideshare.net/RebecaValverde/around-the-world-finland

Step 3: They find out information about a country of their choice and they prepare their own questions for their Quizizz

Step 4: They create their own Quizizz and share it with me

Step 5: I give them the codes to play all of the Quizizz and we challenge each other to play