Project: Save this awesome animal

With this project, we are going to learn how living things are interconnected and how some human actions endanger our planet. We are going to find out about the existing endangered species and we are going to raise awareness about the crucial importance of protecting them.

For this purpose, we suggest using different resources: Interactive videos created with Edpuzzle, display classroom instructions, aims and tips on Classroomscreen, gather the resources that students our going to use using Pearltrees, creating the project presentations with Googleslides and sharing the work with the teacher on GoogleClassroom.

I hope the following ideas and resources are useful.

Aim: To learn the difference between a food chain and a food webScreenshot_2019-01-07 The best screen for every classroom Try it and love it (1).png

Activity 1: Flipped learning: Watch the video and answer the questions (Homework)

screenshot_2019-01-07 edpuzzle

Bloom’s Taxonomy dimension: Remembering and understanding

Activity 2: Our own food web

We put what we learnt into practice creating our own food web. For this purpose, we use the activity described by Line Admin

Bloom’s Taxonomy dimension: Applying


Activity 3: Cool questions

We use Cool Questions to make them think individually, then discuss and share their ideas with their team members and finally, with the whole class. Here you can find more information about the process:

Bloom’s Taxonomy dimension: Analyzing

Cool questions for this session:

  • In an ecosystem, can the same animal be both predator and prey? Why?
  • Can you think of an animal which is both a primary consumer and a secondary consumer?

We use Classroomscreen as our main board, so we present the Cool Question on this board as well:

Screenshot_2019-01-07 The best screen for every classroom Try it and love it (1).png



  • To be aware of the importance of protecting the environment

  • To understand the difference between an extinct species and an endangered species

  • To collaborate with a partner to create a presentation

  •  To share our project with our classmates

Bloom’s Taxonomy dimension: Creating

Activity 4: Cool question:

What is the difference between an extinct species and an endangered species?

Final activity. Project in pairs: Save this awesome animal!


  1. Find out which animals are endangered. Use the following links to help you.

screenshot_2019-01-07 drebecas

  1. Choose an endangered animal for your project.
  2. Write your project draft. Use the following steps:

screenshot_2019-01-07 untitled presentation

** You can find information about your animal surfing on the Internet.

  1. Prepare your presentation using Google presentations.
  2. Upload your presentation on Google Classroom.

screenshot_2019-01-07 trabajo de clase de year 5 english and deepening

  1. Present your project to your classmates.